Residential Cleaning Services

Complete bathroom cleaning includes disinfecting sink, toilet and bath/shower, trash removal, polish mirrors and fixtures, disinfect all surfaces, vacuum and mop floors. Full kitchen cleaning includes wiping outside of cupboards, cleaning and wiping down all appliances, cleaning inside of microwave, disinfect sink, polish fixtures, clean window glass, spot clean walls for fingerprints, trash, floors. in the living room and bedrooms there is high and low dusting, light switch plates disinfected, and all surfaces will be dusted. Blinds will be cleaned on a rotating basis. Doors and walls wiped for fingerprints and smudges.  Dusting everything on shelves and dusting picture frames on walls. Ceiling fan blades dusted, window ledges wiped, all area rugs will be vacuumed, and all carpet, hardwood and doormats will be vacuumed. Vacuuming will include around all edges, all furniture/upholstery will be vacuumed for pet hair, patio glass doors and sliding glass doors will be cleaned both on the inside and outside, all beds will be made up or sheets changed by request, (inside fridge/freezer and oven cleaning will be done on request for an extra charge.) 

Prices depend on duration of cleaning services ranging from a one-time cleaning to a once-a-month cleaning. There are weekly and bi-weekly cleaning that lower your cost for cleanings. The initial first -time cleaning is a deep cleaning that takes a little more time than sub sequential cleanings. Expect to pay a little more for that initial cleaning and expect the cleaner to be a few hours longer than the next cleanings.

I enjoy cleaning.  In fact, I find it therapeutic.  When I am done cleaning your home, I shut the front door smiling. I smile because I know the moment you walk in; you're going to be happy and smile too because your home will be clean and smell clean. That is why I do this type of work.  Plus, I am really fast and efficient. I can do the work of sending three cleaners in all by myself. It's my secret talent.